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    Thank you for your interest in taking the next step in joining the Gravity Coffee system (we also use the trademark GC® to identify the system). Gravity Franchising LLC is always looking for like-minded franchisees who share our passion for growing the GC culture. At Gravity Franchising LLC, we have modernized the approach to an established booming industry. With a tested business concept since 2015, we are pioneering a fun, innovative, and unique customer-centric model that both customers and community enjoy.

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    If you want to be your own boss…
    If you want to be a part of a recognizable and trusted brand…
    If you want to deliver an amazing product to great people…
    If you want group buying power…
    If you want support from experts dedicated to your success…
    Then you should be a part of the Gravity Coffee system!
    Let’s grow together.

    The story of Gravity Coffee

    We Are Gravity

    After opening its first store in Tacoma, Washington in 2015, GC has experienced exponential growth and recognition with sights to establish our revolutionary brand across the entire United States. GC is changing the way people think about the drive-thru experience. GC’s success has spiked national interest through our franchise model. Our DNA code of loyalty, passion, and distinction enables us to fuel the GC demand. We know it’s not about doing one thing right. It’s about doing a million things right.

    It all starts with you!

    We take pride in our gold standard of offering the highest quality products and experiences that are constantly raising the bar in the industry. Our focus is set on becoming the largest drive-thru beverage company in the United States.

    The Gravity Advantage

    At a Glance:

    No other player in the coffee industry combines quality, superb customer service, exemplary management practices, and a commitment to high quality beverages like we do. The Gravity Coffee and GC names have become synonymous with excellence.





    When starting your own business, establishing credibility with potential customers is vital. Being part of a known franchise brand gives you that credibility from your very first day of business. Customers recognize the brand and will know what to expect from your business.


    In the United States, there are over 3,000 franchised brands boasting well over 700,000 franchise units. Over 3% of total U.S. businesses are franchise-related, generating over $800 billion in annual sales. These figures are no accident. The advantages of joining a reputable and established franchise generally include things like a quicker opening, seeing faster success, and immediately developing a customer base which all contribute to profitability.


    Simply put, franchising is a network of independent business relationships that allow owners to share:

    Brand recognition

    Successful methods of doing business

    Tested marketing and distribution systems

    Franchising is the most popular system for starting and growing a business in the United States. When a franchisor provides the right systems and demand for the product is high, chances for success are excellent.

    At a glance

    We award franchises based on qualifications including, but not limited to:

    Net worth of $1,000,000

    Liquid assets of at least $300,000

    Fees include:

    $30,000-$50,000 franchise fee dependent on number of locations purchased

    Royalty fee between 4-6% based on gross sales

    Marketing fee of up to 2% of gross sales

    10 year term franchise agreement

    Initial Plan, Pacific, Washington

    Finished Location, Federal Way, Washington

    What we offer

    Support and Training with Industry Knowledge

    From day 1, we’ll share with you everything that we’ve learned about running a successful drive-thru business. We will provide you support and training to get you started learning the Gravity way. We offer advice on site selection and building your own store. You will be armed with everything you need for your exciting opening day and beyond! Your success is our shared success.

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