Here at Gravity we have gone above and beyond in our efforts to increase the health and safety measures to prevent the spread of COVID-19 at each drive-thru stand:


        1. All employees have undergone COVID-19 training and is now part of our onboarding process.
        2. All employees must properly wear a clean mask when reporting to work. We give all employees enough masks, so they are wearing a new one each time.*
        3. All employees wear gloves.*
        4. All employees must pass the COVID-19 screening and temperature check (using a touchless thermometer) after clocking in.
        5. Any employee who is experiencing symptoms of any illness (no matter how small) are asked to stay home or go home (if they are at work) and can only return to work when they are symptom-free.
        6. All employees are required to read, acknowledge, and follow Gravity’s face mask policy and social distancing policy.
        7. We have increased our sanitization requirements since the beginning of the pandemic, which we still follow.
          • All employees are required to follow the thorough and frequent hand washing regime that is posted at each stand.
          • All high touch surfaces and common areas are frequently cleaned with commercial grade disinfectants used to kill viruses.
        1. Employees who need to take their mask off to eat or drink are asked to eat outside the stand or stay at least 6 feet away from other employees if they remain in the stand.
        2. Employees are encouraged to monitor other employees to assure compliance with our health and safety policies without fear of retaliation.
        3. Customers paying by credit cards are given clipboards covered with paper bags that are immediately disposed after one use.
        4. Customers who need to sign credit card slips, and do not have a pen, are given disposable pens that they can keep.
        5. We do not use our customer-provided cups. Each beverage comes in a new, clean cup and lid.
        6. We only use straws in wrappers when we serve our drinks.
        7. The windows and doors in each stand are open most of the day to allow for proper air circulation, unless a barrier (i.e., glass window) is required between the Gravista and customer for social distancing reasons.
        8. Gravity provides paid leave under the Families First Coronavirus Response Act.


Gravity follows all applicable health and safety guidelines for food workers and our business, from the Governor, Department of Labor and Industries, and the Department of Health.  In fact, Gravity has been commended on multiple occasions by the local health department on our health and safety measures.


Legal and management are continuing to monitor any changes in the laws to stay compliant. In addition, we frequently reassess our health and safety measures and sanitization efforts even if not required by law. We want everyone to know that the health, safety, and well-being of our employees, our employees’ families, and customers come first!


If we’re not doing something right, please email us at


*We do modify these requirements to accommodate our employees under the Americans with Disabilities Act.