Why Franchise?


Why Franchise?


We have done most of the heavy lifting for you. We have developed a successful formula so that much of the work needed to launch the business has already been done. There’s really not much, if any, experience needed to start. You’ll immediately benefit from the support from our large network of Gravity businesses, have the ability to tap into the collective buying power of a franchise, be set up for growth, and be provided training by our experienced franchise staff.

Franchising: The Smart Choice for Entrepreneurs

When starting your own business, establishing credibility with potential customers is vital. Being part of a known franchise brand gives you that credibility from your very first day of business. Customers recognize the brand and will know what to expect from your business.


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A Proven Formula

Simply put, franchising is a network of independent and proven business relationships that allow several people to share:

  • Brand recognition
  • Successful methods of doing business
  • Proven marketing and distribution systems

Franchising is the most popular system for starting and growing a business in the United States today. When a franchisor provides the right business model and demand for the product is high, chances for success are excellent.


Strength in Numbers

In the United States, there are over 3,000 franchised brands boasting well over 700,000 franchise units. Over 3% of total U.S. businesses are franchise-related, generating over $800 billion in annual sales.

These figures are no accident. The advantages of joining a reputable and established franchise generally include things like a quicker opening, seeing faster success, and immediately developing a customer base which all contribute to profitability.



What can we do for you? Tell us how we can energize you!
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Website Disclaimer

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